14-15. 09. 2022


The meeting held in Budapest on 14 and 15 of September 2022, generally speaking, was very useful for us. We participated to this meeting as 3 persons from our organization: Kader Solgun, Mesut Budak and Ayşe Gül Kaba. The meeting was very exciting especially for our two participants: Kader and Ayşe Gül.


These two participants were chosen from among our other candidates because of their disadvantages. They had disadvantages from a few different perspectives. First of all, both of them had no real jobs and had just been employed part-time for a few days of the week in the past months. Secondly, they were women and had no chance to attend in such a transnational activity beforehand. They had never been to any other foreign country before. Thirdly, both of them had been very interested in art and digital issues but they had not had much opportunity to get involved in these kinds of activities.


The meeting had become an opportunity for them to visit a foreign country; to see what kind of employment chances the people with disadvantages may get in a very different socio-economic environment: a different country; to visit very interesting places, especially art-related places in Budapest and to experience a few different digital applications, such as online games, with the participants of the coordinator organization.


The meeting had also become a different experience for Mesut Budak because we had come together with the participants of the hosting organization and had shared many things with them. As the principal of an art organization which have many participants and learners with disadvantages, Mesut Budak had witnessed/experienced how an organization dealing with such a different subject -the crimes- and with such a different target group with disadvantages can prepare very interesting activities and can apply a very inclusive approach. Witnessing some of the opportunities provided by Crime Stop Alapítvány, the coordinator organization, for the disadvantaged people -ex-criminals-, especially observing the informative meetings that were held for informing and supporting these people to make it easier for them to find jobs were very effective.


Shortly speaking, everything including the city, Budapest, its historical and artistic places; to observe the activities of the partner organization, to come together with their participants were all really great pleasure and very informative experiences for all of us. Many thanks for the hospitality and efforts of Andras, Mercedes, Kornel and all the others in their team.

Crime Stop Alapítvány 2023