Project Summary


Objectives: The aim is to appear on the international stage, to establish joint work and cooperation with the Turkish partner, i.e. to prepare a large-scale project, cooperation, to "practice" it, to introduce it into the professional work and organizational culture of the organizations. The aim is to develop the digital competence and the relationship between art and digital knowledge of the final group of beneficiaries, i.e. underprivileged, mainly Roma adults, and to map out the possibilities of the arts in international cooperation.


Implementation: What activities are you going to implement?


- project management

- internal trainings (once online in every two months, 2 times 2 day in person)

- transnational meetings (2 times in Hungary, 1 time in Turkey)

- bilateral meetings (1-1 occasions in both countries, 2 facilitators, 3 target group members traveling/meeting)

- multiplication event 2 times

- comparative research (measuring the competence of professionals)

- edition of concrete results good practice collection, methodological guide, results communication publication, research report


Results: What results do you expect your project to have?


- knowledge and experience transform in international cooperation

- working out the base of a larger-scale project

- internal trainings (methodological guide)

- good practice collection for the final target group of the beneficiaries (to increase the social inclusion of the underprivileged, espec. the Roma)

- comparative, research final report

- joint process of focal topics (digital competence development, the relationship between IT and arts, art – one of the possibilities for social integration)


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