19.05.2022 – 20.05.2022


2nd meeting



Date: 19.05.2022 – 20.05.2022

Location:Bozyazı, TURKEY

Contact person: Mesut Budak, +90-506-617-23-79



Day 0

14:45 - Hungarian partner arrives to Alanya (Alanya-Gazipaşa International Airport)

* They are transferred to Anamur – Ünlüselek Hotel



Day 1


10:00 -       Meeting point – meeting, leaving to Anamur VB Atatürk Secondary School together by car

* Location: in front of Ünlüselek Hotel


10.30 -       Visit to Anamur VB Atatürk Secondary School (https://vb- & In the school, professional short program at the

Bureau of the District Directiorate of the National Education for Developing Projects (The Directiorate is the associated local partner of our


The presentation is entitled as “WHY IS INCLUSIVE EDUCATION IMPORTANT?”

Description, introduction of the methods mainly consists of the basic conceptualizations summarized to contribute to teachers getting to know

their students  better according to the  types  of exclusion they are the subjects  of  &  methods  of  inclusion  they  need  to  be  applied.

The presentation summarizes the ways for communicating more effectively with the disadvantaged groups -especially the students with

special needs- The content of the presentation The presentation that had been prepared for explanation of basic conceptualizations of the

Erasmus+ project, 'Die Erziehung des Herzens / Educating Hearts’ will be explained by “Okan Gültekin”.

Okan Gültekin is the designer and content creator of a few websites developed for improving new approaches for education and for especially

education of disadvantaged persons. One of his professional works can be explored at the website (


11:30 –       Coffee/Tea Time


12:00 –       Leaving the school for visiting “Mis Banana Production and Trade Centre”


12:30 -        Observation in the “Mis Banana Production and trade Centre” (Banana Greenhouse and Degreening Facility)

Information about and observations of the basic economical activities of the region (Bozyazı and Anamur)

(The  working-conditions  and  advantages  &  disadvantages  of  the economical activities for the people)

In that activity our group will come together with the participants from other countries that will be hosted by our local associated partner -

The Bureau  of  the  District  Directiorate  of  the  National  Education  for Developing Projects-

(They will be hosted in Anamur and Bozyazı for the meeting of other Erasmus+ projects in the same dates of our meeting) 13:30 - Lunch at Aslıhan Restaurant Website of the Restaurant:


15.00 -        Visit to Mamure Castle

(A little history and information about the past of the region)  kalesi


16:30 -        Professional program for Exchange of Information and observations about “What can be done for disadvantaged groups by applying art and

other methods”.

* The Visit to Culture, Music and Art Festival in Bozyazı, that will be organized by Bozyazı Culture Art and Music Association.

* The festival is organized for inclusion of children and youngsters with Special Needs by our association. The art-works and musical activities of the students  of our association will be exhibited in the Bozyazı City Square. -The students are the ones with disabiliites and mostly in need to be encouraged for art activities & social participation-


17:30 -       Back to the hotel


19.30 -       Leaving the hotel for Dinner at Astor Erdal Beach Restaurant (



Day 2


09:30 -        Meeting & leaving to Baykuş Art and Literature Center together by car

* Location: in front of Ünlüselek Hotel


10:00 -        Workshop at Baykuş Art and Literature Center in Anamur Practicing Ebru (Turkish Art of Marbling)

Facebook Page:


11:00 –       Meeting on Project's future activities & tasks (professional program)

Evaluation of dissemination activities

Exchange of ideas for besides the future of the PROGRESSION, also for the new partnership opportunities among the organizations. * Conversation with teachers, workers


12.00 -       Lunch at Adanalı Ocakbaşı Restaurant (With our teachers and our other partner schools)

(  g312730-d8792112-r651987423-Adanali_Kebap_Salonu-  Anamur_Mersin_Icel_Turkish_Mediterranean_Coast.html )


14:00 -       Walking around the city center and local shops 16:00 - Free time

(or back to hotel maybe for some resting or swimming in the pool -or the sea-)


19:30 -        Dinner at the Hotel


Day 3


13:00 –       The guests are transferred to Alanya Airport from Ünlüselek Hotel

15:30 -        Departure of the Hungarian team









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